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Add: No.308, Chalu Street, Middle District, Jinan, Shandong, China
Tel: +86-531-66593191 58618582
Fax: +86-531-66593181
Contact: Manager Du
Mobile: +86-13082737003
E-mail: sales@fufangchem.com
Binzhou production base:
Address: Boxing County, Binzhou City, Beijing Bo Industrial Park
Tel: 15588863230
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Jinan FuFang Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Jinan, famous Spring City. It is a comprehensive chemical enterprise engaged in chemicals research and manufacturing. We have a large production base in Jingbo Industrial Park of Boxing County in Binzhou. Main products are medical intermediates and fine chemicals, for example, olefins, acyl chlorides and ketones. Our company emphasizes on research and development of fine chemicals. And we complete construction of production base through share holding and technology input. And we continuously promote new products with great competitiveness relying on strong technical force and flexible management. We provide customers home or abroad with high-quality products and service. Our company has leading production technology and equipment in intermediate and fine chemical aspects. We have built long-term cooperation with many famous enterprises through years of efforts.

Jinan FuFang Chemical Co., Ltd. would like to create a “industrialization, technicalization, modernization and internationalization” operation strategy. All members in our company warmly welcome wide friends to visit us and negotiate on possible cooperation. We expect to create brilliance with you!

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